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2o Years of History

Krewe du YaYas (established 2002)


In the battle to make a difference in the crusade against breast cancer, this group is ready to hit a big milestone — 20 years. Twenty years of pouring love into their mission to inspire hope and enhance life for those affected by breast cancer.

At three months from celebrating our 20th anniversary, the Krewe du YaYas has grown from advocates of breast cancer research in 2002 to forming the Keeping Abreast Foundation in 2010. As one of the top fundraising nonprofit organizations in this area, we’ve donated $327,000 to 1,650 individuals in our community for necessary breast-health related screenings and diagnostic services.

By wearing Pink, we are honoring all mothers, sisters, aunts, friends and strangers as well as men who have been impacted by this disease. By wearing tiaras, we are saying to all women yes, you can be a princess every day.

first float 2.jpeg

Celebrating Our Founders and Charter Members

Photo Gallery

Founding Member Wendi Summers


Charter Member Cyndi Meador Mercer


Charter Member Jacqui O'Connell


Charter Member Rhonda Clark

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